The engagement rings trends for 2019

vintage inspired


Colour is becoming more and more popular in nowadays from brides who looking for a unique engagement ring.

Emeralds, sapphires, rubies are featured as the center stone. Even if they choose white diamond as canter stone colour will pop as halo around the engagement ring –often with sapphires, rubies, garnets.

Brides to be can add more spark to coloured stones by adding white diamonds as a halo or in the setting.

Colour has been around since Princess Diana’s engagement ring, although this year coloured engagement rings are here to stay

colored stone


Vintage look has been around the last few years, although it continues to rise until today.

Halo setting seems to be favourable from brides as it adds a bold touch to their engagement rings. The halo setting is often associate with a vintage touch, although now days’ designers use halo settings with modern twists.

Don’t relate halo settings with just round stones, actually a halo setting can be beautifully adding to any cut, shape stone.

halo settings


All these years we have associate the engagement rings with a white tone metal, which yes it looks nicer with white diamonds, it might give the idea of a bigger diamond, although yellow gold metals have make their comeback.

In terms of metals yellow gold, even rose gold are really popular choices for the future brides. The reason is; all these years’ white metal makes the contemporary bride tired of the typical tone metal, make her go after something fresh and distinctive.

Yellow gold works both with diamonds and colourful gemstones, and supplements just about every type of setting, its colour adds a nice warmness to the piece.

yellow gold


As halo settings and yellow gold metal are back in the game so, vintage. Vintage engagement rings remind us the heritage of the past. Rings that we had from our grandmother and are passing from mothers to daughters and so on. This is the magic of vintage; it hides a history.

vintage inspired


As beautiful and cherished is a round brilliant cut diamond, fancy shaped diamonds have something unique too.

Pear, oval, cushion diamonds have become more and more popular for the brides who want to keep it traditional by picking a diamond rather than gemstone, and stand out with a fancy shapes.

Fancy shapes are fun and creates a whole different word to the colourless diamonds.

The best thing about them is that based on their difference on the shape some of them actually look bigger than their actual Diamond weight, especially if you compare with a round brilliant shape.

fancy shape diamonds