Christma’s gifts ideas

Holidays are just around the corner, and we get that overwhelming feeling about what gifts we should give to our beloved ones. Here are some gift ideas to get you out of the hard decisions. (I wish all my hard decisions were about gifts). Lucky you, a jewelry piece is in every women’s wish list no matter the age.  Have you been nice this year?! It is a stud me up: Old-time classic choice and they're never enough, especially for those with multiple ear-piercing.  This time do it with a modern twist, you can rather buy her a gemstone earring stud rather than diamonds, which is a playful choice and fun. 2:'RING' the bell: Celebrate the holidays with new rings. Whether it is a single ring to start your stack, or the ultimate stack to wear them all at once. Give your beloved one’s eternity bands which are meaningful for your eternal love, either this is...

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The engagement rings trends for 2019

vintage inspired

COLOURED STONES: Colour is becoming more and more popular in nowadays from brides who looking for a unique engagement ring. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies are featured as the center stone. Even if they choose white diamond as canter stone colour will pop as halo around the engagement ring –often with sapphires, rubies, garnets. Brides to be can add more spark to coloured stones by adding white diamonds as a halo or in the setting. Colour has been around since Princess Diana’s engagement ring, although this year coloured engagement rings are here to stay HALO SETTINGS: Vintage look has been around the last few years, although it continues to rise until today. Halo setting seems to be favourable from brides as it adds a bold touch to their engagement rings. The halo setting is often associate with a vintage touch, although now days’ designers use halo settings with modern twists. Don’t relate halo settings with just round stones, actually a...

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The process of choosing the perfect engagement ring

I understand that feeling, walking into a jewellery store in search of the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. The unfamiliar environment and anticipation of proposing is not something you do everyday, so it’s natural to be nervous. Fortunately for you, I have put together the ultimate guide to a stress free selection process. Take a deep breath, follow my tips and enjoy finding the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Educate yourself Educating yourself doesn’t mean becoming a diamond specialist or gemologist overnight.  We have all seen images of or heard references such as ‘Diamonds are girl’s best friend’ ‘Diamonds are forever’ & ‘Diamond heart’, but what is a diamond? Why are they so valuable?  Diamonds are assessed against the standards created by Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They are known as the 4C’s; Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.  These categories are used to grade a diamond, determining how much it will cost through establishing...

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