About Us


For 52 years Politia Jewellery has crafted and designed timeless pieces to fulfil the desire of each customer. Until 1997 the name of the jewellery store was Jubilee jewellers and then was renamed to Politia Jewellery.

The word ‘’Politia’’ is a Greek word (Πολιτεία), which means State. The State of Jewellery.

Now in our third generation, we continue to honour our heritage by remaining to the strict standards set throughout the years with an honesty and integrity.

It all started in 1967 when my grandmother Chrysanthi Karanicola established herself in Nicosia city when she created her first jewelry shop. She never imagined that years later her passion would take hold for generations to come. 

Our true desire is to share our knowledge and expertise regarding the endless jewellery choices, especially when it comes to diamonds. An emphasis is place on providing the right advices with our personal recommendations for selecting the right diamond jewellery for any of your special occasions.

My passion leads me to follow my dreams and after graduating BA Business Management in Southampton I moved to London where I have earned my GIA Diamond Certificate, in GIA London Campus.

Our customers are our family and like our heritage passes through generations we would like our customers keep coming back generation after generation.