Bespoke Jewelry Design

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Our friendly team of jewelry designers will help you to create the perfect customized jewelry design.
From bespoke diamond engagement rings to custom-made diamond pendants, we are happy to design, re-model and craft an amazing item of jewelry.

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The engagement rings trends for 2019


Colour is becoming more and more popular in nowadays from brides who looking for a unique engagement ring.

Emeralds, sapphires, rubies are featured as the center st...

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The process of choosing the perfect engagement ring

I understand that feeling, walking into a jewellery store in search of the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. The unfamiliar environment and anticipation of proposing is not something you do everyday, so it’s natura...

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For your complete reassurance


For your complete reassurance, we work to extremely high standards. From reputable diamond grading certification to our professional membership of Cyprus Jewellers association

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